The sinking reported - The Times

The Times, March 1918

The Kenmare, a steamer of 1,330 tons, built in 1895, and owned by the City of Cork Steamship Company, was sunk at 7 o'clock on Saturday evening. Only six of the crew of 35 survive.

Many of the men were in their bunks at the time and were awakened by a loud explosion which almost shattered the vessel. They immediately rushed on deck and found the steamer awash. Only one small boat got clear and the three occupants succeeded in rescuing three other men from the water. They were unable owing to the wreckage, to assist the others, who were shouting for help. After 10 minutes the cries for help died away and the survivors in the small boat drifted for 12 hours before they were picked up. They were scantily clad and suffered terribly from the cold.

Although all the survivors believe the sinking was called by a submarine, none of them saw an enemy craft or the wake of a torpedo. The vessel appeared to have been struck amidships and sank in about a minute from the time the explosion occurred.

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